The Assad regime in Syria is gaining support from allies including the Russians and Hezbollah, despite protests from the United States government. So what’s the next move for the U.S.?

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Laura Ingraham stunned host Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday with her stance on this contentious topic. She pointed out that Syrian rebels have attacked Christians in the country. “The idea that we are going to send arms to these people who are slaughtering Christians and have one goal which is to establish an Islamic caliphate throughout the Middle East […] is ludicrous.”

Host Chris Wallace interjected, “So wait, are you saying let [President Bashar al-Assad] stay in?”

Ingraham began to respond, “I’m saying America has got to grapple with this idea of limited power in a world where the parties are unknown, where their intentions are unknown and when we see their intentions…”

But a shocked Wallace interrupted once again, saying, “You sound like a congressman. Are you saying let Assad rule?”

“I say let them figure it out,” she answered bluntly.

Watch the exchange from Fox News Sunday in the clip above. 

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