The firestorm of controversy surrounding Attorney General Eric Holder is only increasing this week, as lawmakers investigate whether the official was truthful in his May 15 testimony before Congress on the seizures of AP reporters' phone records. It was revealed Friday that Holder personally signed off on seeking a subpoena for Fox reporter James Rosen's emails and phone logs. That action seems to contradict his testimony in Congress, where he said he never knew anything about the targeting of reporters.

The latest report indicates that Holder went to three different federal judges as he sought a warrant for Rosen's emails. On the third try, Royce Lamberth granted the request.

Steve Doocy discussed The New Yorker report with Daily Beast political correspondent Daniel Klaidman, who spoke with Holder recently. Holder told him that he feels remorse over the James Rosen situation and wants to make sure it doesn't happen again.Last week, Bill O'Reilly predicted that Holder will be forced to resign over this apparent media crackdown.

Watch the interview to find out whether Klaidman agrees.