There is a new report that says Attorney General Eric Holder signed off on a search warrant for chief Washington correspondent James Rosen’s emails.

According to, this, and another case involving the Associated Press, prompted Obama on Thursday to announce that Holder had agreed to conduct a review of DOJ policies on investigations that involve reporters. 

Peter Johnson, Jr. reacted to the report on Fox and Friends.  He said, “It’s kind of interesting and ironic and strange that on the day that NBC outed Eric Holder, the attorney general of the United States as the man who signed off on the snooping at Fox News, that the president’s talking about restoring civil liberties in this country...”

He added, “What needs to be done is strict adherence to the Constitution […] On this Memorial Day, when we invoke the loss and memory of the people who served our country so well who fought and died for our Constitution … it’s important to understand what press and reportage means to the future and the stability of this country.  And we’ve seen a pattern where the Obama administration, through the attorney general, has served to chill the press.”