Retired US Army Sgt. Troy Gamble is a resident of Moore, Oklahoma where a massive tornado caused death and destruction on Monday. He spoke to Fox News’ Alicia Acuna and shared the story behind an American flag that he put up amid the debris that was once his home.

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Sgt. Gamble has seen “a lot of chaos and mayhem” having served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He’s taken the flag pictured above on several deployments. “Everywhere I go, I’ll take it and I would hang it up somewhere.”

He was out of town when the tornado hit the city of Moore. When he saw a helicopter shot of the elementary school destroyed, Sgt. Gamble said it was his first indication of what he’d be walking into.

“To come home to that, you pick up what you can pick up. […] You thank God that he has another plan for you because I normally would’ve been at the house at that time, and if I had been, I wouldn’t have been here right now.”

His roommate, a Marine, had just entered the house before the tornado came barreling through. Neighbors rescued the roommate who is now recovering at a nearby hospital. 

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