White House Senior Advisor Dan Pfeiffer joined Fox News Sunday today to discuss the growing scandals plaguing the Obama administration.  The interview got heated when host Chris Wallace spoke with Pfeiffer about President Obama's actions on the night of the Benghazi attack.  

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Wallace questioned Pfeiffer about what the president did for the rest of the night to pursue Benghazi after speaking with Hillary Clinton.

Pfeiffer said, “The president was kept up to date on this as it was happening throughout the entire night, from the moment it started until the very end …”

He continued, “I recognize that there's a series of conspiracy theories the Republicans have been spinning about this since the night it happened, but there's been an independent review of this, Congress has held hearings, we provided 250,000 pages of documents up there. There's been 11 hearings, 20 staff briefings. And everyone has found the same thing, this is a tragedy."

Wallace then asked, “But with due respect, you didn't answer my question. What did the president do that night?”

Pfeiffer answered, “He was in constant touch that night with his national security team and kept up to date with the events as they were happening.”

Wallace asked if Pfeiffer knew whether the president was in the Situation Room.

“I don't remember what room the president was in on that night. And that's a largely irrelevant fact,’ Pfeiffer said, adding that "It's a horrible tragedy, what happened, and we have to make sure it doesn't happen again.”

Finally, Pfeiffer said, “The assertions from Republicans here, that somehow that the president allowed this to happen or didn’t take action, is offensive.”

Watch the entire exchange in the video above.

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