A recent Gallup poll asked how closely Americans are following the recent scandals in Washington D.C. On the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservative groups, 54 percent are watching versus 46 percent not watching. When it comes to the Benghazi attack fallout, 53 percent are following the story versus 46 percent not following.

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The O’Reilly Factor took its own survey on the streets of New York City. A Factor producer asked folks for their reaction to the recent scandals and even threw in some softball questions such as “who’s the vice president?”

Then, Bill O’Reilly gave his reaction to the unimpressive results. He said, “There’s no question that we, the people, are becoming distracted. […] When you spend most of your leisure time tweeting, gaming, on the cell phone, at the gym, whatever, you don’t have much time to absorb information.”

O’Reilly added, “It’s no surprise to me that literally half the country has no blanking clue about how the Obama administration’s running things. And you know what? Many of those people don’t care.”

Check out the clip above to see how people responded. Plus, how would YOU do if asked the same questions?

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