Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) pressed Acting IRS Commissioner Steve Miller about the targeting of conservative groups and why, after having received a briefing that this targeting was taking place, he did not divulge that fact to the committee.  Miller said he answered the question truthfully.

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“You knew the targeting was taking place, you knew the terms ‘Tea Party,’ ‘patriots,’ were being used.  You just acknowledged a minute ago that they were outrageous.  And then when you were asked about this after you were briefed about this, that was the answer you gave us?!  How can we not conclude that you misled this committee?!” Ryan said.

Miller responded, “I did not mislead the committee.  I stood by my answer then.  I stand by my answer now … There is no political motivation.”

Miller further explained, “We need to go back and look at the context … I’m hearing that people are complaining about letters – my response was to that.  We found out about those letters.  We dealt with them, as has been explained … We dealt, I think, fairly and successfully with the donor list issue.”