Wednesday evening, President Obama called the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups “inexcusable” and acting commissioner Steven Miller submitted his resignation.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) joined America’s Newsroom Thursday to react to this growing scandal plaguing the Obama administration.  He said the actions that took place at the IRS should be considered a crime.  

“We’re not talking about a mistake, we’re talking about a deliberate abuse of power,” Rubio said.

He continued, “The president doesn’t have clean hands in this because, as I said yesterday on the floor of the Senate … this administration has created a culture of intimidation.”

Rubio noted that Frank VanderSloot, a contributor to the Romney campaign, was attacked on the Obama website and had two IRS audits, suggesting that the president is not removed from the scandal.

Rubio will continue to call for criminal investigations and look for ways to change the law to make it a crime for IRS employees to target people based on their political leanings.