Earlier today, we learned about a bombshell report that said the CIA's Benghazi talking points were changed 12 times, with extensive input from the State Department. It comes after State Department whistleblower Gregory Hicks testified Wednesday that he was shocked when he saw Susan Rice blaming a protest for the attack on numerous talk shows.

Martha MacCallum discussed the next steps in the investigation of what happened in Benghazi with Hicks' attorney, Victoria Toensing. At this point, she thinks "it's about time" that House Republicans start issuing subpoenas, saying she wants to hear testimony from Amb. Thomas Pickering and former joint chiefs chairman Michael Mullen, who led the ARB panel that issued a report on Benghazi.

She said after those officials and others testify, Hillary Clinton should be subpoenaed to testify again given the new information that has come out since her first round of testimony in January.

"You always wait 'til the last to bring in the most important witness as an investigator," said Toensing, accusing the State Department of being "devious" in claiming that Hicks told the ARB panel a different story than he told on Capitol Hill.