We're hearing disturbing new details emerging after three women were rescued from a Cleveland home, where they had been held captive for roughly a decade each. One of the women, Michelle Knight, has reportedly told police that there was another woman held there about 10 years ago, but she disappeared.

The women were reportedly kept in separate locked rooms and bound, so Knight said she did not know if there were possibly additional women at the house at other times.

In 2007, 14-year-old Ashley Summers (pictured below) disappeared in the same neighborhood and the case has never been solved.

Ashley Summers

According to a report, police discovered "R.I.P" and a woman's name scrawled on a wall in the basement. Authorities are looking to search other properties in the area as they try to identify whether there were more victims.

On Fox and Friends this morning, the hosts discussed the case with former homicide detective Rod Wheeler.