Megyn Kelly reacted this afternoon to the testimony before a House committee by three State Department whistleblowers on the Benghazi attack.

She went over the key moments with Fox News digital politics editor Chris Stirewalt, particularly the question of how the White House is going to respond to these men casting clear doubts on the administration's narrative about what occurred last September 11.

At one point, whistleblower Gregory Hicks said his "jaw dropped" when he heard UN Ambassador Susan Rice had blamed a protest over an anti-Islam video for the attack. He said he was "embarrassed" that the incident was not being called a terror attack after being on the ground in Libya on Sept. 11.

"What does the administration do with that? Come out and say 'Hicks, he's a jerk, he's a liar, don't believe the guy who cried over the ambassador's death'? Are we supposed to just say 'that Hicks, he's a partisan hack'? What are we supposed to do with that?" Kelly asked.

Stirewalt said he has noticed many Democrats using the word "emotional" in their talking points, possibly trying to suggest that Hicks "maybe is not thinking so clearly."