Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) talked to Neil Cavuto today on Your World to give us his take on the House's Benghazi hearings, where we heard from three State Department whistleblowers. One of the main questions is whether the U.S. military could have responded in time to stop at least some part of the attack.

The question was raised by Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz today, as he tried to figure out why a stand-down order was given to the military.

McCain said even a flyover of Benghazi by a U.S. fighter jet could have scared off some of the attackers.

"Remember, the last two Americans who died were in the last hour of a seven and a half-hour conflict. ... Still, the question has to be: with all the military assets that we have in that region of the world ... why is it that we couldn't get somebody there for seven and a half hours?"