The so-called “whistleblowers” in the Benghazi investigation are preparing to testify on Wednesday. The government workers with direct knowledge of the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya were supposedly threatened from testifying. The State Department claimed it didn’t know of anybody who wanted to come forward with information.

Jason Chaffetz (R) and Steve Lynch (D-MA), two members of the House Oversight Committee that will conduct the hearing, appeared on Fox News Sunday.

Chaffetz said potential witnesses may be watching to see how the testimony unfolds. “I think these people are afraid of retribution. They’re afraid of what the State Department may do to them. They have trouble just getting attorneys.”

He charged that the State Department and the White House have “impeded this investigation” at every turn. “There are people, more than one, that have felt intimidation from the State Department,” Chaffetz said.

Lynch echoed the State Department’s response, saying that witnesses haven’t requested to testify. Regarding allegations then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton misled Congress when she said she’d never seen requests for more security in Libya, Lynch cried, “These are Jason Chaffetz and the Republican chair’s allegations. […] It’s shameful!”