Earlier this week, America Live brought us the unbelievable story of a California couple from Russia who watched as CPS and police took their five-month-old son, Sammy, from their home and placed him in protective custody. The incident arose out of a dispute between the parents and a doctor at a local hospital, who told them their son needed emergency heart surgery.

They left the hospital and went for a second opinion, and were told at another hospital that the surgery was not urgently needed. The following day, police showed up at their house with an order to place the baby in protective custody.

Megyn Kelly interviewed the parents, Anna and Alex Nikolayev and their lawyers on Tuesday. Now we're seeing the video of how the outrageous situation played out.

You cannot see the mother and child in the video, since they're blocked by police officers, but you can hear a state social worker trying to convince Anna Nikolayev to hand over her baby. Amazingly, she refused to tell Anna what hospital her son was going to.

Police officers informed Anna that she was coming close to resisting and would be taken to jail if she did not hand over her child.

"I'm going to grab your baby and don't resist and don't fight me, okay?" one of the officers told Anna.

WATCH: Megyn Kelly’s Interview With the Parents

Megyn and Trace Gallagher reacted to the footage, expressing their amazement at the "incredible" situation, including why the mother was not at least told where her baby was going.

"This all relates to some doctor who got ticked off because they wanted a second opinion and they took him out of the first hospital against medical advice. That's what set this chain of events in motion. ... They're going to file a lawsuit. Wouldn't you?" said Kelly.

UPDATE: Megyn aired even MORE of the shocking video later in the broadcast in her Kelly's Court segment. Watch some of the unbelievable moments you didn't see in the first clip, plus get legal and medical insight from her panel:

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