A New Hampshire man, attempting to win an Xbox Kinect at a local carnival, says he quickly blew through his life savings ($2,600) and is now accusing the operator of rigging the "Tubs of Fun" game.

Henry Gribbohm went back the next day to complain and the game's operator reportedly gave him back $600, plus a giant stuffed banana.

Gribbohm told a local TV station he is convinced the game is rigged because he couldn't miss during some practice throws, but the balls mysteriously kept popping back out of the tubs when he started playing for real.

He lost $300 in a matter of minutes by going "double or nothing" and then went home to get the rest of his money in an attempt to win back what he had lost. Now, he has filed a report with police.

On Red Eye, Greg Gutfeld dissected the man's unbelievable claims with comedian Tom Cotter, former CIA operative Mike Baker, Fox News contributor Bill Schulz and defense attorney Remy Spencer.