Wednesday on America’s Newsroom, Dr. Manny Alvarez railed against the FDA’s decision to allow over-the-counter sales of the Plan B emergency contraceptive to girls as young as 15.

Alvarez believes that this is a clear example of politicians getting involved where they shouldn't.

“Since when is a 15-year-old child a woman? Now, give me a break! I have a 14-year-old daughter – she’s a teenager. She’s a child […] It is my responsibility and my wife’s responsibility alone to bring that to fruition! Not the federal government! Not the president! Not anybody else!” he passionately proclaimed.

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Alvarez said he agreed with President Obama’s original assessment that the cut off age should be 17, but now it’s been reduced another two years. “So, what’s going to happen two years from now? … They are going to say, ‘Maybe it should be from the moment they’re born?!’”

He hammered home his argument by stating that there are numerous side effects associated with the pill, and parents need to be aware if their children are taking it.  

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