Columnist for The Boston Globe, Kevin Cullen, joined tonight's O’Reilly Factor. He reacted to Bill O’Reilly’s criticism of the University of Massachusetts for accepting four of the Boston bombing suspects.

Cullen said, “We have to put this in perspective. These are 19-year-old kids.”

“I’m sorry. If they’re guilty, they should go to prison," O’Reilly interjected. “If they did it, […] they gotta go to federal prison. I don’t care if they’re 12.”

Cullen agreed with O’Reilly that they belong in prison if they’re guilty. He also recalled, “Remember it was another immigrant, […] that Chinese guy who got carjacked, he’s a hero. I mean, the cops were able to find these guys before they killed other people because it was an immigrant that jumped out of that car, ran away for his life and alerted the cops. [...] That's the kind of guy we want in this country."