Ralph Peters joined America Live to comment on the crisis in Syria and the fact the more and more of the bombs and violence are being attributed to the rebel forces.

While Peters acknowledged that at first, he thought measured U.S. support of the rebel forces made sense, he’s not so sure anymore.

He believes the conflict has turned into a “proxy war between Arabs.”

Peters elaborated, “While I’m concerned about the humanitarian situation, I look at this and in the cold light of realpolitik, I have to ask myself at this point: what is so bad about Assad’s thugs and jihadi thugs killing each other?”

“My concern here really is that we’re going to do something naïve … and it’s going to end up like Afghanistan in the 80s,” he warned.

“I am torn because on a moral level, you clearly want to stop the killing, but on a practical level I want to know how we do it. I don’t want U.S. boots on the ground. And I go back to this – who do you really want to win at this point?”