The pro-life organization, Live Action, shot undercover video of abortion doctors describing how they would stop a fetus from breathing if it survived an abortion procedure. Tonight on Hannity, Live Action President Lila Rose and Fox News contributor Tamara Holder went head-to-head over the findings.

In one of the clips shown, a doctor at a clinic in the Bronx, New York details the procedure for aborting a 23-week-old fetus. “Sometimes the babies come out alive. And in this clinic, what the counselor is graphically describing is how this little baby, if it’s moving or breathing, […] will be placed in a jar of toxin so it’s then drowning to death,” Rose said.

Holder argued that if Rose wants to change the law so that abortion is illegal prior to 24 weeks, she should go to law school. She slammed Rose’s undercover videos as a “mall-type investigation that have been proven false in the past.”

“Where’s the FBI in this?” Holder said, calling the footage edited.  

Watch the heated debate: