The Obama administration is looking to fine tech companies unless they make eavesdropping on Americans easier.

According to Judge Napolitano, the Obama administration is asking to have the ability to request information on emails and phone calls despite the fact that they may not have the time or evidence to get a search warrant. “If the internet provider said 'no, go get a search warrant,' they wanted to be able to fine that provider,” Napolitano explained.

Further, they want the FBI to have the ability to access the information directly from their offices.

“The search warrant system works. I issued search warrants at 3 in the morning.”

Brian Kilmeade pressed the judge asking what would have happened had the Boston bombers escaped Boston and FBI officials needed access to their calls to try to figure out where they were going.

The judge said, “Chase them down and stop them.”

Kilmeade retorted, “Judge, it’s not Spiderman. You’ve got to find them first!”

Napolitano stood his ground, saying, “The system works best when the Constitution is followed.”