There are new developments in the investigation of the Boston Marathon bombings. Female DNA was found on pieces from at least one of the bombs. The suspects’ mother has publicly denied that her son Tamerlan Tsarnaev was radicalized.

However, Russia secretly recorded a phone conversation in which Tsarnaev vaguely discussed jihad with his mother. In another wiretap, the mother was recorded talking to someone in Russia who was under FBI investigation in an unrelated case.

Those recordings were only disclosed to investigators a few days ago.

On his show Monday night, Sean Hannity said, “If I’m in Boston and this is my family member killed or maimed, I’m angry tonight that our government screwed this thing up and screwed it up royally."

He noted, “[Michele Bachmann] went through the FBI training manuals and they’ve all been altered.”

Hannity said any references to jihad and Islamic radicals have been removed since Obama’s been president. “So to what extent maybe that played a role – that we’re not allowed to even look down that road anymore.”

“All you had to do is go on YouTube and look at this kid’s YouTube video page, and see one radical imam jihadist after another," Hannity said.