A man in southern California devised and implemented a petition, asking people to agree to sign away their Constitutional rights. But that's not the scariest part. Most shocking is how many people he got to sign it!

Media critic Mark Dice explained on Fox and Friends that he came up with the idea as a social experiment, wanting to see whether people would actually agree to the government limiting their First and Second Amendment rights.

Dice said he was inspired by the famous Jay Leno segment, "Jaywalking," where Leno would ask random people basic questions and watch them struggle to come up with the answers.

When he handed people the petition to do away with the First Amendment, he explained matter-of-factly that it's aimed at stopping people from saying "mean things" and that people "don't have the right to disagree."

He told Brian Kilmeade, "I'm not sure whether it's just a southern California phenomenon or what, but a point here that I wanted to make is all I had to say was the key words, 'will you help support Obama?' and their eyes lit up" and they agreed to sign.