Secretary of State John Kerry is in China right now to help calm the crisis on the Korean peninsula.

“China and the United States must, together, take steps in order to achieve the goal of a denuclearized Korean peninsula and today, we agreed to have further discussions to bear down very quickly the great specificity on exactly how we will accomplish this goal,” Kerry said.

Former United States Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton weighed in on the matter today on Fox News Channel. “Based on what Secretary Kerry has said so far in his trips to South Korea and China, I’m very worried that what he has in mind is simply restarting the six-party talks, the talks that have failed for over 10 years now, to get North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons program. That’s never going to happen,” Bolton said.

Bolton noted that the North Koreans have pledged four times in the last 20 years to give up their nuclear weapons and they have violated the pledge every time.

The long term goal for the United States and China, in Bolton’s view, is to come to an agreement on the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula. He admitted that it’s a hard objective, and that it doesn’t seem like Sen. Kerry is headed in that direction.

In addition, Bolton said that China supplies over 90% of North Korea’s energy needs, large amounts food and other humanitarian aid. “They can change the regime in North Korea if they want to. The issue is making China feel comfortable with a reunited, Democratic Korea.”