The murder trial of Philadelphia late-term abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell opened last month, but some are questioning why the story has gotten very little coverage in the mainstream media.

Megyn Kelly said the crimes allegedly committed by Gosnell are “so shocking and horrifying it ought to be front page news and the subject of network news reports every night.”

She discussed it on America Live with Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers and Mollie Hemingway of, though they steered clear of discussing the gruesome accusations against Gosnell.

Powers said there have to be questions asked about why this story is not more prominent, pointing out for example, how heavily CNN and other networks covered the Carnival “poop cruise.”

Megyn pointed out that the media isn’t supposed to decide what the news is.

“I didn’t want to discuss twenty dead six-year-olds in Newtown, Connecticut either. But that was the news and we had no choice but to cover it,” said Kelly, adding that even health care reporters for major news organizations aren’t covering the story.

Hemingway went on to detail the response she received from Washington Post health reporter Sarah Kliff, who has written extensively on abortion-related stories, after she asked why she “has not written a single story on Gosnell.”