Fourteen people were hurt, two critically, when a student at Lone Star College in Houston started stabbing people inside a classroom building. Police apprehended the 21-year-old white male student, but haven't yet identified him. He was tackled by a bunch of fellow students, including Steven Maida, who spoke on Studio B this afternoon.

PHOTO: Student Who Tackled Lone Star Suspect Shares Pic Taken Right After Stabbing

Maida said the weapon wasn't a box cutter or Exacto knife as some reports have stated, but rather a "regular" knife. He said the suspect had a hearing aid that was knocked out during the scuffle.

He recalled that he was outside the building when he heard someone say their friend had been stabbed, and moments later he saw a girl come out of the building with a "hole in her cheek." Maida said there was blood on the staircase as he went upstairs with some other students looking for the attacker. He said that initially the suspect fled from security guards away from the building, but he and others were able to tackle him in a parking lot. Maida said the knife was in his pocket when they got him to the ground, and then police arrived about 15 seconds later.

"His hands were in the air and he said 'I give up.' ... I was screaming at this guy, I was just like, 'Why!? Why would you do this to girls!?'"

Maida said he wasn't scared during the extraordinary attack.

"I don't know why I wasn't. I guess you grow up in Houston, you're not scared of that kinda stuff."

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