Senior White House advisor Dan Pfeiffer appeared on Fox News Sunday to address the Obama administration’s stance on gun control, North Korea and the budget battle.

When it comes to stricter gun control measures, Pfeiffer said, “When the president gave the State of the Union [address] with the Newtown families in the audience

, all the Republicans stood up and applauded when the president called for an up or down vote. Now that the cameras are off and the Newtown families aren’t there, they’re engaged in these legislative tactics to make this harder. [...] Politics is the only reason this stuff won't get done.”

The crux of the bill currently in the Senate is universal background checks, which Pfeiffer touted as the “most effective thing we can do.” He added, “So the question is, are we going to pass that bill or are Republicans going to block it?” Turning to North Korea’s threats of a missile strike against the U.S. and South Korea, he told Chris Wallace, “The onus is on North Korea to take a step back, meet their international obligations so they can undertake what they say is their number one goal, which is economic development.”

Watch the interview for more on the Obama administration's position on gun control and the budget:

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