The state of Connecticut is now boasting the nation's toughest gun restrictions, which were just moments ago signed into law. The new restrictions include the ban of more than 100 types of firearms and requirement of background checks on all gun purchases. The sale of ammunition magazines that hold more than ten rounds has also been banned. NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre reacted on 'America Live' Thursday, countering proponents of the legislation who claim that a smaller magazine could have helped save lives in the Newtown tragedy.

The problem with what Connecticut did," LaPierre began, " that the criminals, the drug dealers, [...] they aren't going to cooperate." He added that "all you're doing is making the law books thicker for the law-abiding people."

"From the very start, my thought has been with how little this has had to do with actually keeping kids safe and how much it has to do with this decade-long agenda against firearms that [some of] the political class and the media has had," he said.

According to LaPierre and the National Rifle Association, a three-pronged plan would protect kids from "something horrible happening in a school," and includes putting police officers or armed security in every school, fixing the nation's broken mental health system, and getting armed criminals off the streets.

Hear his full argument and let us know if you agree or disagree with what he has to say: