By now you've probably heard about the shocking video of Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice physically and verbally abusing his players during practice. It included Rice yelling homophobic slurs and even throwing basketballs at his players.

Earlier today, Rutgers responded by

firing Rice after three seasons in which he compiled a 44-51 record. So The Five asked a logical question: if Rice were more successful on the court, would the school still have taken the same action?

Rice also made a brief public apology after local reporters caught up with him, saying he feels he has let so many people down, and lamented the fact that he feels like an "embarrassment" to his children.

"There's no explanation for what's on those films because there is no excuse for it. I was wrong," said Rice.

Dana Perino, after a well played joke about Gret Gutfeld's past basketball career, said she's getting tired of watching athletes and/or coaches make these forced public apologies.

"(These apologies) are so pathetic. I wish he would have just used a few F-words in his apology, and then it would have been authentic," said Perino.

Watch the full discussion:

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