Video released to ESPN on Tuesday is garnering outrage, as it shows Rutgers University's head basketball coach Mike Rice physically abusing his players. Many are upset not only by the abuse revealed, but also by rumors indicating that the university knew about his actions and didn't do anything about it.

Rice allegedly both physically and verbally abused the players, with the verbal abuse including hurling gay slurs at them. The videotaped practices that surfaced are from a few years ago but came to light yesterday, released to ESPN by a former employee who's suing the school for wrongful termination. Rutgers says they've ordered Rice to undergo anger management, saying they've also suspended him and fined him $50,000. However, they have no intention of firing him, they say. Watch the shocking video:

UPDATE, 10:30a ET: Rutgers just tweeted that Rice's employment has been terminated. Read a statement from the university's president here.

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