New York Democrat Carolyn Maloney is pushing a bill that would force gun owners to buy liability insurance or face a $10,000 fine!

On today's Your World, Stuart Varney suggested the move is reminiscent of ObamaCare. Judge Andrew Napolitano said that the fine in ObamaCare was characterized by the Supreme Court as a tax.

“If it is a tax, it must bear a financial relationship to the product you have declined. So, the tax on ObamaCare is roughly equivalent to […] what the government’s cost would be to purchase health care insurance for you …”

He continued, “In order for the court to find this to be a tax, the amount would have to be the rough equivalent of what an insurance policy … or a rider on your homeowner’s insurance policy would cost. Ten thousand dollars? Grossly out of line!”

He argues that the real purpose of the move is to “burden the right to keep and bear arms which the federal government may not constitutionally do.”

See if he thinks the bill has any chance of passing:

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