For the first time since his devastating leg injury on Sunday, we're hearing from Louisville sophomore guard Kevin Ware. Earlier today he spoke at a press conference as the Cardinals get ready to face Wichita State on Saturday in the Final Four in Atlanta.

Ware suffered a

compound leg fracture during the Elite Eight win over Duke when he landed awkwardly while contesting a shot. His leg bent in a gruesome fashion and CBS declined to show replays of it to the national TV audience.

The school said surgery on his right tibia was successful and he is expected to miss next season. Doctors say he should be able to return to the court the following season. Shepard Smith spoke with the 20-year-old today on Studio B.

Smith noted that Ware looked very relaxed as he was lying on the floor, despite seeing coach Rick Pitino and many of his teammates breaking down in tears at the sight of his shattered leg.

"I kinda went in shock really. I really didn't know honestly that my leg was broke. Only reason I knew was cause I kind of glimpsed down at my leg because of coach's eyes. He kind of looked like he'd seen a ghost or something he had never seen before. I understood why cause my bone was six inches out of my leg," he recalled.

Ware said even though the nation's focus has shifted away from the tournament and toward his horrifying injury, his teammates are making sure they don't lose sight of their ultimate goal.

"I feel like those guys fight for me and I feel like I had to fight for them. Getting them back going and getting their mindsets back right to us winning a national championship is what really matters," said Ware.

Watch the interview below, including Ware's reaction to the shocking video of now-fired Rutgers coach Mike Rice verbally and physically abusing his players during practice.

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