A Colorado court has admitted that the main suspect in the murder of prison chief Tom Clements was released from prison four years early because of a clerical error. Evan Ebel was supposed to remain in prison until at least 2017, but he was freed in January.

The court has released a statement that reads, “The District has undertaken a review of its practices in an effort to avoid a re-occurrence of this circumstance. The court regrets this oversight and extends condolences to the families of Mr. Nathan Leon and Mr. Tom Clements.”

While Clements’ family is not speaking out at this time, the wife of Nathan Leon, a pizza delivery man whom police believe Ebel killed two days before Clements, voiced her shock.

“How do I tell my four year old, ‘Oh, daddy was murdered because of a clerical error?’” Katie Leon says she is still considering legal action at this time.

Ebel was killed in a car chase and shootout with Texas police last month.