Robert Steed, a Connecticut gun owner, took off of work for three days to plead for the right to be able to keep his guns. But Connecticut lawmakers have apparently just reached a deal for what are being called the most restrictive gun rules in the country.

The legislation would:

  • create the first gun offender’s registry
  • require universal background checks
  • ban the sale of large capacity ammo magazines

Steed joined America Live and expressed his disappointment. He believes the legislation only serves to immortalize Adam Lanza further. “One thing we know about these types of mass murderers is that they look for the limelight, they look for immortality through their own atrocities. For legislators to only find a political response to somebody else’s atrocities, it’s just more victories for the perpetrator of the crimes and more punishment for those that have done nothing wrong to begin with,” he said.

Watch the full interview:

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