The White House is facing questions today after President Obama attended an Easter Sunday service that featured a scathing attack on conservative Christians by the pastor, Rev. Luis Leon. "It drives me crazy when the captains of the religious right are always calling us back ... for blacks to be back in the back of the bus, for women to be back in the kitchen, for gays to be in the closet, and for immigrants to be back on their side of the border," said Leon at St. John's Church, an Episcopal church near the White House. Megyn Kelly discussed the outrageous sermon with Fox News' Chris Stirewalt, saying it was wrong for Leon to "bombard" the entire congregation with that type of political attack during the Easter sermon. Stirewalt pointed out that the president probably never expected to hear politics mentioned during the service. Megyn pointed out the outrage on the left after Dr. Ben Carson called out President Obama over ObamaCare at the National Prayer Breakfast. Many criticized Carson for using the non-political event to make a political point. "Do we expect that same chorus to come out and say, pastor, ya screwed up?" she asked. Watch the discussion:

** UPDATE ** White House spokesman Jay Carney did not condemn the remarks when asked about them today in his daily briefing. He pointed out that the statements did not come from a politician or the president and that presidents of both parties have attended this church for many years.