The Senate is reportedly moving closer to a deal on a bipartisan immigration reform bill, with some saying an agreement could be officially announced this week. On Your World this afternoon, Michelle Malkin called out "deluded" Republicans for joining with Democrats to craft legislation that she equates to amnesty for illegal immigrants already in the country. "There are many self-deluded {C}{C}{C}

Republicans who feel that this kind of 'shamnesty' is a salvation for a party that is in shambles. [...] At the same time that they are talking out of one side of their mouth to grassroots conservatives and people of all political persuasions who believe that it is the government's constitutionally-mandated role to secure the borders," said Malkin, referring to a report indicating that border crossings are rapidly increasing since talks on an immigration deal began recently. Stuart Varney interjected that in his view, Malkin's overall stance on illegal immigration represents a "hard line." Watch Malkin's response below!