A mother is outraged after finding her seven-year-old son, who has autism, wandering down a busy street while he was supposed to be at school. Now, that boy is being punished by the school in Tacoma, Washington.

It happened when the boy was told to go outside for recess with his class.

Instead, he walked away from the playground and onto a busy street.

Thankfully, his mother Dana Tarrant was driving in the same direction and spotted him. “I panicked. Nobody notified me. Nobody called me or called the police. Nobody knew he was missing for a whole hour. Two and a half miles away from the school,” she said.

The school is still trying to determine how the student was able to wander off unnoticed. Tarrant says she was told that her son wouldn’t be allowed to go to recess with his classmates; he’ll have to spend it in the principal’s office for the rest of the year.

According to Q13FOX.com, Tarrant plans on transferring her son to a school closer to home.

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