In today’s Kelly’s Court, Megyn and the panel took up the case of a deadly police chase that happened last summer in New York. Officers in a police cruiser chased a man and slammed into him on a street corner. The man was fine after being hit, started running and jumped onto the back of his friend’s dirt bike. The police cruiser then went after the men and slammed into the bike,

killing the driver. The other man on the bike broke his leg and was arrested. The man who was arrested is now filing a lawsuit against the police department saying they were wrong in this case, while cops say it was an accident. Defense attorney Jonna Spilbor said that the police are at fault here. “That police activity was completely unnecessary … They’re violating the vehicle and traffic code. Nobody deserved to die or get seriously injured here,” she said. Defense attorney Julia Morrow disagreed, saying the men on the bike bear responsibility. “Live by the sword, die by the sword. These guys were acting like lunatics, bobbing and weaving through traffic, driving the opposite way, driving up on the sidewalk.” There won’t be a million dollar payday in this case according to Morrow. Watch the debate and let us know what you think.

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