New details are coming out about the horrific conditions inside the Tulsa, Oklahoma office of Dr. Scott Harrington. Seven thousand of the dentist’s patients have been advised to undergo testing for Hepatitis C and HIV after officials found numerous violations in the office. Shepard Smith reports that investigators found outdated drugs, including one with an expiration date of 1993, dental instruments that had turned rusty, and improper sterilization. Inspectors say Harrington had set aside the rusty instruments for patients he knew had infectious diseases.

One of Harrington’s patients and the woman who examined his office and filed the official complaint against the doctor joined Studio B today. Susan Rogers, the executive director of the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry, said that when she examined Harrington’s office, she was most shocked by the fact that the doctor had turned over the administration of procedures including sterilization of equipment and doing IV sedation to assistants who had no licenses and were only trained by him. “When we went through the procedures, I made her [an assistant] pull out the autoclave that had the actual instruments in it. She pulled them out and they were rusty! I was horrified!” she said. Dillon Waters, a patient of Harrington’s, was shocked when he heard of the investigation. He noticed something was off about the office when the nurse began administering his anesthesia “but I thought maybe she’s just the anesthesia nurse …” He wants to know why the Health Department didn’t step in sooner, and asked, “I mean this has been happening for possibly six years, so why weren’t there inspections prior to this?”

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