Iowa parents are outraged after the Des Moines Register published an interactive map detailing the security levels of all of the school districts within the state. The map identified which districts have security and which don’t. In the map above, Fox News Channel has made all of the dots black, but on the original map, schools were either identified by a red or green dot. Red dots indicated districts with no security.

After receiving complaints, the Des Moines Register took down the map and issued a statement that reads in part: “We listed no addresses or the names of specific schools – just the districts’ names.” The interactive feature of the map did reveal the district and the number of students. Rick Green, the editor of the paper, has said, “I love the role that we play here in Iowa, and I care too much about the safety of school teachers and students to do anything so that people would think we were being reckless and heartless.” Megyn Kelly pressed Green about the decision earlier today on America Live. Click here to watch the fiery interview!

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