In a hard-hitting interview, Megyn Kelly pressed Des Moines Register editor Rick Green about the paper’s decision to publish an interactive map detailing the level of security within school districts throughout the state. The map color-coded the districts according to which had security and which did not. Green said that after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, many Iowans started asking about the presence of school resource officers in their school districts. According to Green, the article aimed to answer three questions, “Does my school district have resource officers? What kind of police presence exists in my child’s school? […] And is our district taking seriously any potential public safety threats that can be averted by the presence of a school resource officer?”

He stressed, “We didn’t say ‘no security’ because a lot of these school districts, while they might not have school resource officers, they still have the presence of police officers or deputy sheriffs.” Megyn Kelly pointed out that the map specifically listed whether the school districts employed school resource officers or private security guards. “The tricky part of this whole thing Megyn is that when taxpayers and residents are calling us to inquire about how safe their kids’ schools are, we have to investigate it,” Green said. “Tell them to call the school district! Why do you have to post in Des Moines whether Sioux City has got a security officer? Why is that necessary?” Kelly countered. Green said that once they received calls complaining about the map, they promptly took it down. When he expressed frustration that the map still existed in PDF form on, Kelly blasted, “It’s not their fault, Rick. It’s your fault. Don’t you see that?” “Do I wish we would have handled it a little bit differently, Megyn? Obviously.”

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