What is the IRS really doing with taxpayer money? Well it turns out, this "Star Trek" spoof is no joke. The Internal Revenue Service reportedly spent $60,000 on a “Star Trek” parody in 2010. The video was shown along with a “Gilligan’s Island” parody that they made at a training conference.

A congressional investigation

prompted the released of the “Star Trek” video. The IRS has apologized, admitting that this was a mistake.

Read more from FoxNews.com:

The agency said the "Star Trek" video "was a well-intentioned, light-hearted introduction to an important conference during a difficult period for the IRS."

Congressional investigators initially sought both the "Star Trek" video and the "Gilligan's Island" video but after viewing them determined that the "Gilligan's Island" video was a legitimate training video. The IRS did not release the "Gilligan's Island" video.

"The video series with an island theme provided filing season training for 1,900 employees in our Taxpayer Assistance Centers in 400 locations," the IRS said. "This example of video training alone saved the IRS about $1.5 million each year compared to the costs of training the employees in person."

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