President Obama received a standing ovation from the crowd when he responded to a protester who began heckling him and shouting during a speech in Jerusalem on Thursday. According to a Fox News producer, the man who interrupted the speech is Rabee Eid, a 24-year-old Palestinian with Israeli citizenship. The producer reports that Eid shouted, "Obama, you are only here to support the Israelis. If you care about the Palestinians, what about the separation wall, what about Rachel Corrie?"

When the shouting ceased, the commander in chief stopped the crowd from boo-ing the protester, saying that it's all a part of the "lively debate that we talked about. This is good."

TRANSCRIPT: Read President Obama's Remarks From Jerusalem Speech

Once the cheering of the young crowd died down, President Obama joked, "I have to say we actually arranged for that, because it made me feel at home. I wouldn't feel comfortable if I didn't have at least one heckler."

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