Does the Obama administration want Americans to move out of the suburbs and into cities? Stanley Kurtz, author of "Spreading the Wealth Around: How Obama Is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay For the Cities," says yes and explained why this is the case today on America Live with Megyn Kelly.

Kurtz said the administration believes "smart growth" is a way to lower carbon emissions and curb global warming, and is planning to "impose" these policies on the country.

"The idea of smart growth policies is that you should get out of your car, don't move to the suburbs. You should live in a tiny, densely packed apartment building in the city where you would walk and take public transportation, (not) drive," said Kurtz.

Kelly asked, "How can they make us move out of the suburbs?"

He said just last week the Energy Department released a series of reports, proposing that federal funding be "conditional on adherence to these smart growth principles."

"If this idea goes through, the government would say 'let's look at the population density,'" and then distribute funding for development in urban areas, rather than in suburbs with lower populations. Kurtz said this idea is only in the "trial balloon" phase, but he has reason to believe the Obama administration supports it.

Watch the full interview, where Kurtz goes on to talk about how this ties in to wealth redistribution.