In August 2012, President Obama said the use of chemical weapons in Syria would be a “red line.” Was that red line crossed earlier today in Syria? The Assad regime and the rebels both accused each other of launching a chemical attack.

Fox News analyst Juan Williams and Sean Hannity argued over how the president should handle acts of aggression by other nations around the world. Williams charged at Hannity, “I guess diplomacy doesn’t appeal to you


Hanntiy interjected, “Sucking up to dictators doesn’t appeal to me, no.”

The Fox News host criticized President Obama, saying, “I see a weak president and he’s literally being run over because the world sees him as weak.”

Colonel Oliver North, host of “War Stories,” said we’re witnessing the consequences of “leading from behind.”

However, he added that as someone who understands the consequences of chemical weapons, “It appears to me, […] on this footage [from Syria] that you’re watching right now there is no evidence of anybody suffering from the symptoms of chemical agents.”

“Here’s the bottom line,” North said. “If we wanted to be able to stop the North Koreans from being able to build nuclear weapons, […] and the Iranians from getting their hands on that same technology, we could do it.”

Hannity maintained, “I think the president’s weak, and that’s a shame because you know what, America needs to be strong. If we don’t fill that void and we don’t step up and lead from the front, then I shudder to think who will lead.”