Liberal comedian Bill Maher made surprising remarks on his HBO show that have some questioning whether he’s turning conservative. He now believes that paying his fair share isn’t so fair in California. Maher said, “I just want to say liberals, you could actually lose me. It’s outrageous what we’re paying. Over 50 percent -- I’m willing

to pay my share but yeah, it’s ridiculous.”

On the Iraq War, he said, “I got to admit, […] It’s actually doing better than I thought it would be. Is it a great country? No. Does it have a lot of problems? Yes. But there actually is a country standing there.”

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“What an idiot,” reacted Eric Bolling on The Five. “After all the vitriol and all the trashing of conservatives, […] and then he goes taxes are too high in California, the Iraq War worked.”

Are Maher’s comments genuine? Author of “The Joy of Hate” and Five co-host, Greg Gutfeld, thinks he just hates liberals and conservatives alike.

Gutfeld added, “The left keeps moving left. Every year they try to move a little bit further left. […] When you lose Bill Maher, maybe that’s saying something about how far you’ve gone.”

To Maher’s remark that ‘liberals might lose him,' Bob Beckel chimed in, “Good riddance!” He does, however, believe that Maher’s turnaround on Iraq is “outrageous.”

The HBO host saved some of his criticism for New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's soda ban. Hear Maher's comments on "what makes liberals look bad" in the video below:

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