In his CPAC speech, renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson spoke about the racially charged backlash he received after criticizing President Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast. Carson said he was called derogatory names for criticizing the president. He asked the crowd, “When did we reach a point where you have to have a certain philosophy because of the color of your skin?”

Carson will be retiring in about three months, leaving many to wonder

if he’s planning a possible 2016 run for president. Tonight on Hannity, Carson said despite the negativity, he’s had many of his Democratic colleagues at Johns Hopkins Hospital tell him they’d vote for him.

“I’m not saying anything about me running, but it is wonderful to know that there are some people who actually think for themselves and judge a person on the content of their character,” Carson said, firing back at critics.

While Carson said it's too early to tell if he'll run, he told Hannity he favors Senator Rand Paul for his courage.

Dr. Ben Carson on Hannity:

Watch Dr. Carson's CPAC remarks on his critics: