Ben Carson for president? A remark during Dr. Ben Carson’s CPAC speech has his supporters riled up over a possible 2016 run. Speaking hypothetically, the neurosurgeon said on Saturday, “If I were trying to destroy this nation, if you just – let’s say you magically

put me, you know, into the White House…”

Before Dr. Carson could continue, the audience at CPAC erupted into cheers at that comment. He laughed and said, “I take it back.”

He also announced that he will be retiring in about three months, spending his time educating the next generation and then “once we get that taken care of, who knows.”

Carson suggested President Obama is destroying the country by encouraging a culture of ridicule for basic morality, undermining America's financial stability and weakening the military. “The question is how do we stop it?”

Watch the clip below:

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