Outspoken critic of ObamaCare, Dr. Ben Carson, addressed the Conservative Political Action Conference this morning, detailing why he felt he had to speak out against the new health care law. Carson made headlines for criticizing ObamaCare in front of President Obama during his keynote address at the Annual National Prayer Breakfast. Some said his remarks were

inappropriate at a non-political event, while conservatives hailed him for voicing their concerns with the new law.

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"Health care is one-sixth of our economy. If the government can control that, they can control just about everything. We need to understand what is going on, because there are much more economic models that can be used to give us good health care than what we have now. And we were asleep at the wheel to let it happen, but we have to find a way still to make it work," said the neurosurgeon, who drew applause by saying "economics is not brain surgery." Watch the speech: