Some shocking new video emerged yesterday of Jodi Arias talking to herself, singing, and then standing on her head while alone in the police interrogation room after she killed her boyfriend in 2008. (Watch the video, here)

Arias is on trial in Phoenix for the murder

of her boyfriend, Travis Alexander. Prosecutors insist she planned the murder, while she claims she shot him, then slit his throat in self-defense. Arias testified for 18 days and her testimony wrapped up on Wednesday.

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In the bizarre video, Arias says to herself, "you should have at least done your makeup, Jodi," among other things.

She would be booked for the murder a short time later. The interrogation occurred more than a month after Alexander's murder. Last night, Greta Van Susteren brought us an in-depth look at the Jodi Arias trial, examining what the video means for the case with former prosecutor Mark Fuhrman. He said Arias' strange actions while in police custody cast serious doubt on her defense.

"It's very telling to me. It shows that she has tried to project story after story after story and this is all a scam. Her tears in that interrogation before the detective left, her shock, her denials, her admissions. It's all B-S," said Fuhrman.

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