House Minority Leader Nancy raised some eyebrows and got a few laughs when she said this of President Obama: "I don't think he's ever done anything for political reasons [...] This has been a president as bipartisan as any that I've seen."

Co-host of 'The Five' Bob Beckel and Fox News contributor Mary Katherine Ham weighed in on what these comments mean regarding the budget battle in Congress on America's Newsroom.

Beckel and Ham thought her comments were

tongue-in-cheek, with Beckel adding that anything that any president does is political.

Martha MacCallum noted that now is a time when President Obama does not need to be political and should be able to get Senate Democrats to rally behind him on entitlement reform. Beckel doesn't think he has the numbers to do it.

"Somewhere along the way, he convinced himself that his legacy was fine and that he just could move on and not deal with [entitlements]. I know he gives lip service to it, but there's not a lot of actual work on it," Ham responded.

Beckel said that Obama opened up the entitlement issue during his State of the Union speech, but that there are senators up for re-election in two years who do not want to take it up.

Watch the discussion and let us know what you think:

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